In the realm of welding, precision and durability are the cornerstones of success. At JTPL, we bring these principles to the forefront of packaging, offering solutions that reflect the tenacity and craftsmanship of the welding industry.

From welding equipment to essential supplies, our packaging solutions are engineered to meet the unique demands of your industry. We collaborate closely with welding professionals, recognizing the importance of packaging that not only protects but also enhances the accessibility and functionality of your tools.

Our designs mirror the strength and precision of your work. Just as you meticulously join materials, we meticulously design packaging that ensures your equipment arrives intact and ready for action. Our packaging solutions are built to withstand the rigours of transportation and storage, ensuring that your tools are as reliable as your workmanship.

For this industry, we provide:-

  • Product Labels
  • Shrink sleeves with holographic strip

Plastic Moulding Container

Plastic Moulding Caps