2D/3D Hologram

2D/3D Hologram


2D Hologram: 2D holograms are essentially flat images that employ holographic techniques to create an illusion of depth. Unlike traditional two-dimensional images, these holograms can exhibit a sense of parallax, giving the impression of depth and movement. This effect is achieved through the interference patterns created by laser light on a photographic plate or other holographic medium. The resulting hologram can display different perspectives when viewed from various angles.

3D Hologram:3D holograms take the holographic experience to the next level by generating images that appear to float freely in space, enabling viewers to observe the objects from different angles. These holograms create a fully immersive visual experience by capturing and projecting light in three dimensions. Advanced techniques like laser interference, computer-generated imagery, and projection systems are employed to create realistic 3D holographic representations.

In both of the aforementioned categories, general master for hologram and unique numbering can be incorporated.


Adding onto the brand identity and a tamper-proof consumer experience, the processes we follow for our 2D and 3D holograms are as follows:

  • Thermal numbering hologram
  • Laser numbering hologram

The sectors we provide our services under this category are the Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Auto ancillary, and Oil & Chemicals industries. Create an indelible mark for your brand with JTPL’s innovative solutions.