Flexible Packaging and Holograms Added

In 2015, we did our major expansion in JTPL as we added two divisions at the same time: Hologram (Sheet form, spool form, holograms with barcode, transparent holographic film, self-adhesive tape, Holographic embossed self-adhesive tape, Holograms with printing, customized holograms, cold/hot stamping strip, high-security pattern hologram & flexible packaging (printed laminate in roll form, in various types of pouch forms – for example, Center seal pouch, three-side seal pouch, stand up pouches with zipper, side flap, and printed shrink sleeves in cut size and roll form.

Japanese Technology Developed Plastic Moulding Machines

In 2011, we started plastic moulding with three machines.In total, we developed 26 machines.

In 2022, New Division of Extrusion And Polyplant

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