Hot Stamping Foil

We have a range of quality Holograms that come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. They can be used embossed on diverse surfaces with the help of a stamping machine. These surfaces can be paper or plastics. We have the capability to provide both registered and unregistered image in form of Hot Stamping Foil. We generally supply these Holograms in spool form.

Hot Stamping strip

We are manufacturers of a wide range of Holographic Strip that is widely appreciated for unmatched security it offers against counterfeiting.

Holographic Alu Foil

Holographic Aluminium Foil is basically manufactured using quality material by transfer of hologram impression over foil surface. This product is most commonly used in Pharmaceutical packaging, tag foils and other applications.

Holographic Lamination

We create a versatile range of Holographic Board by transferring impressions or images to the paper board which can be widely used in various packaging applications. Holographic board can also have various levels of optical security features and supports all kind of printing

Holographic Scratch

Our Holographic Scratch products is available in plain scratch and with holographic imagery. This range is best suited to conceal and later on reveal the exact information without any adulteration. This range of product is most commonly used in plastic cards, telephone cards, and lottery cards and other can be protected against counterfeiting.